VSTValidator™ Key Features:

  • The plugin is designed for violin, viola, cello, and double-bass;
  • Advancedinstrumentation analysis;
  • Matrix view to indicate issues.

VSTValidator™ reviews a midi track, indicates instrumentation mistakes, and provides simple but effective hints. The  user experience has been made extremely simple and user-friendly.

Just choose an instrument, click the check Instrumentation button, and get the matrix view where Feasible events are colored green, Inconvenient events are colored yellow, and Impossible events are colored red.

The matrix view below indicates an issue on 3rd and 4th beats. By selecting the midi event in red, you will see the error details including the hint.

Matrix View Screenshot -  VSTValidator
VSTValidator – Screenshot

Error: Violin cannot play G2 and C3 simultaneously
Hint: Try C2 and G3 instead